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The Mössbauer Effect Reference and Data Journal

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The purpose of this special journal is to report as thoroughly as possible all published information on Mössbauer spectroscopy. The MERDJ has been published continuously since 1978, and is now in its 34th year. An annual subscription includes ten issues, plus an available index issue. Sections in every issue include:

Reference Listing
Contains at least 80 Mössbauer references per issue. It is more complete than any other bibliographical information service available, containing 10-300% more citations of only published Mössbauer articles (no abstracts, in-house reports, dissertations, or miscoded articles found in other services).
Data Listing
Provides abstracted and coded data extracted from the articles in the Reference Listing. Data Listings are not available from any other major information service.

Subject and Isotope

Provide fast, clear reference to the articles referenced in each issue utilizing each substance.
Abbreviation Listing 
Provides an abbreviation of chemical compounds.
Name and Address Listing
Provides the name, current address, phone and fax number, and e-mail address for each of the corresponding authors for the articles in the Reference Listing.
Mössbauer Spectroscopy Newsletter  
Provides information on recent and future conferences, profiles of Mössbaue researchers, research activities of various laboratories, book reviews, position openings, and other information of interest to the community.   You can read the most recent Newsletter ( and view a list of previous issues on our Web site (      
Index Issue
An Index Issue is published at the end of each year. Approximately 160 pages long, it contains a compilation of all references listed in the                 Journal during the year with subject, isotope, and author indices. No data is included.

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    • The cost for an annual subscription (ten issues) to Volume 34 (2011) is US $1200(abroad) CN ¥8400(domestic). Subscribers also have the option of purchasing Web Access to the MEDC database for an additional US $300(abroad) CN ¥2100(domestic). The annual Index Issue may also be added to the subscription for an additional US $300(abroad) CN ¥2100(domestic).
    • Index (without subscription) – US $500(abroad) CN ¥3500(domestic)
    • Web-Access database (without subscription) – US $750(abroad) CN ¥5250(domestic)
    • Electronic Version of Journal (no print subscription) – US $500(abroad) CN ¥3500(domestic)
      with Index – US $600(abroad) CN ¥4200(domestic)
    • Institutional Sponsors receive, as a benefit of sponsorship, a full print and electronic subscription to the MERDJ, including the Index and Web-Access Database

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